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What sort of accommodation is listed here?

There are many different kinds. Self-catering cottages, guest houses, people offering bed and breakfast in their own private homes. The common factor is that they give an opportunity for people to relax nude when they wish, with or without company.

You need to have some idea of what you are looking for. Do you want bed and breakfast, or self-catering? Do you want to stay with naturists, or where you may meet other naturists? Or do you want a secluded garden for soaking up the sun? Do you need a jacuzzi, sauna or other facilities? Small B&Bs may not have en-suite bathrooms – is this important to you?

Please note that some accommodation is also offered to non-naturists, and may not be available when non-naturists are staying there.

It is your responsibility to check with the owners of the accommodation that it meets your needs before you confirm a booking. All information placed on this site is provided by the accommodation owners, and we cannot guarantee that it is correct or complete.

An entry in the directory or the Google group does NOT imply any kind of recommendation, approval or endorsement by or any third party. You use this information at your own risk.

Do you take bookings?

No. Please direct all information requests and bookings to the accommodation owners, by email, phone, web site or as otherwise instructed by the owners.

We cannot accept any responsibility for your bookings or anything else to do with the accommodation, as these are between the guest and the owner.

How do I put my accommodation in the directory?

Please send the details to our contact address. Give as much information as you can about the facilities you are offering, any restrictions (such as single sex, only certain days of the week etc.), the location, your web site (if any), and how customers can contact you. The location link displays the approximate location in Google Maps. This is most accurate if you give a full postcode. You can see an example entry here.

The more informative your entry, the better the response you are likely to have from customers!

Please note that anything sent for publication, including directory entries, is edited and approved before it appears on Naturist Accommodation UK.

I offer non-naturist accommodation. Can I also offer it to naturists?

You are very welcome! Some of our owners also offer accommodation to the general public. However, you need to ensure that naturists do have the opportunity to go without clothes, and make sure that any restrictions are made clear to the guests before a booking is made.

There seems to be a particular demand for B&B close to the motorway network and other trunk roads in England, and in the big cities.

Can I advertise on Naturist Accommodation UK?

All owners offering accommodation to naturists, whether commercial or private, may have a free entry in the directory. Owners can also place banner ads on this site at reasonable rates.

Other responsible advertising is also accepted provided that it does not compete with the businesses listed in our directory. Please contact by email in the first instance.

I’m looking for accommodation. What can I do?

The first thing is to look in the directory of accommodation and the News page. If you don’t find what you want there, try asking in the Google group. If you have a Twitter account, you can also tweet a request using the hashcode #nacouk. This will place your request on the web site for a short while. We cannot guarantee success, sorry.

I found the accommodation had closed down / was not as advertised!

Unfortunately, we can’t keep checking what’s out there. If you find something on the list that is not correct, please let us know through the email contact address. (Your comments will be kept strictly confidential.)

How do I find out more about naturism in the UK?

Here is a good link: NUFF.

Do you know of any other naturist accommodation?

The directory of accommodation contains all the accommodation that we know is available on a long-term basis. Occasionally others appear in the Google group, such as flatshares, short-term lets or special offers.

You can also look in naturist magazines or the links at the bottom of this page. If you find any accommodation not listed here please let us know, as we like to keep this listing comprehensive.

Do you know of any naturist accommodation in London?

Sadly, there is very little. There is a naturist ‘park and stay’ close to Heathrow Airport, and a guest house opened in north-east London in 2011. You may also find suitable accommodation in neighbouring counties. If you are planning on travelling into London, you should check that transport is available locally.

If you find any other naturist accommodation in London, please let us know.

Do you list anything other than naturist accommodation?

Accommodation owners may offer other services in connection with the accommodation, such as dining, educational courses, events or massage. This is accepted as long as accommodation is on offer. There are also some places that offer facilities for day visits without overnight accommodation.

Do you list naturist accommodation abroad?

The directory is primarily for accommodation in the UK. We would also accept entries for the Irish Republic, except that there aren’t any.

We now list overseas accommodation in the blog.

Do you make a profit out of Naturist Accommodation UK?

No, the whole site is basically the work of one person who does it to promote naturist accommodation in the UK, because he uses it himself whenever he can and would use it more if there were naturist accommodation where he has to travel. The site took time to set up and takes time to maintain and keep up to date.

We attempt to defray expenses (including the cost of the web server) through limited advertising, a small commission on things that are bought through links on the site, and of course you can ‘buy me a beer’ at any time if you think this site has been useful to you! See the link below.

Our privacy policy

Naturist Accommodation UK does not collect any personal information whatsoever about individual users of this site and directory. Our server collects the standard usage statistics, but these cannot identify individuals.

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Thanks to:

Lakeside Farm and the B&B at Banbury for use of photographs on this site.

Other possible information on naturist accommodation

NUFF (look under ‘Venues’)

Worldwide directory of hotels with nude facilities

Guide to nude beaches and other places in UK

Coast and Country Naturists: publisher of
naturist guides

Naturist Life magazine classifieds

HEN magazine classifieds

Gumtree often carries classified ads, both offering and looking for naturist accommodation. Do a search for ‘naturist’ in the locations you are looking.

Wimdu is a scheme for staying in people’s private homes. We don’t know if any naturists do this.

Airbnb is another worldwide scheme for private bed and breakfast. There are some naturists offering rooms but not necessarily in the UK.

Couchsurfing is an informal way of staying with other people when you travel. It has several interest groups under the heading of ‘naturist’ and ‘clothing optional’. You could also try the similar sites, Global Freeloaders and Be Welcome.

Naturist clubs can usually accommodate campers. We list clubs here only if they provide chalet type accommodation or B&B. For a list of clubs, see NUFF

You can search for naturist camp sites on the Alan Rogers website.

Naturism and nudism on

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